Sonia Wieder-Atherton


Sonia Wieder-Atherton has always used music as a language open to the world. It is a personal quest that, over the years, has taken her from one repertory to another, from one discovery to the next, in an unbroken process of exploration. Born in San Francisco of a mother of Romanian origin and an American father, she grew up in New York,then Paris. Here, she entered the Conservatoire National Supérieur in the class of Maurice Gendron. At the age of 19 she crossed the iron curtain and went to live in Moscow, where she studied with Natalia Chakhovskaïa
at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Of her years in Russia, she kept, in addition to the excellence of the education, a special relationship with time, stories and people. Back in France, at the age of 25, she won the Rostropovitch Competition. Sonia Wieder-Atherton has worked with the leading contemporary composers, and performs as soloist under the leadership of many different conductors. Her playing and style are immediately distinctive, setting her apart as a rare musician. In recent years, Sonia Wieder-Atherton has designed and staged numerous projects: Jewish Songs, Songs from Slavic Lands, Vita Monteverdi – Scelsi, Odyssey for Cello and Imaginary Choir, D’Est en musique, a show designed with footage from Chantal Akerman’s film D’Est, and Night Dances, with Charlotte Rampling, to works by Benjamin Britten and Sylvia Plath. Little Girl Blue, from Nina Simone was her latest project, completed in 2014.
In 2011, she won the Bernheim Foundation Arts Prize, one of the Foundation’s three annual awards to individuals whose work is deemed to be of creative value in the fields of the arts, literature and science. In 2015, she was named Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.