RIATSU is (the recording name of ) Shadaab Kadri, an ambient electronic musician from Bombay, India.
As a branched progression from contributing to synth portions in his drone metal band Pangea, Riatsu
is the space for exploration of soundtrack music and field recording curiosities. Background scores for
your visual imagination, in a sea of sound that stretches from ambient techno to dark ambient.
After getting his interest piqued in composing ambient pieces through film scoring lectures attending
during his fellowship at Musicians’ Institute, California, Shadaab has created scores and jingles for
various visual features in the short format.
Part of the Bombay independent music circuit since over a decade, Shadaab has assumed multifold
roles associated with it. From working on television shows and digital content promoting homegrown
talent (Channel [V] Launchpad, Fox Travellers Sound trek, blueFROG Diaries), being an artist manager
for some of India’s best bands, like Scribe, in addition to being a session/tour musician for the group, ,
tour managing duties for international bands (Meshuggah, Sikth), providing support and input to music
festivals (GIR, Sulafest, Big 69), artist curating by creating monthly gig properties to showcase
upcoming acts (Metal Nights, The Scene), to most recently conceptualizing and executing India’s first
synthesizer festival (Synthfest), Shadaab has not only been composing music spread over a spectrum of
genres, but also been an active part of sustaining and nourishing the framework and the organizational
aspect of the music platforms in India.