Born in South of France in 1991, Hyleen is a young and very talented artist.
Author, composer, endowed with a charismatic voice and a guitar playing which
has never left anyone indifferent.

Her universe draws its roots in Soul, Funk, Neo-soul and Pop music, sometimes even in Jazz, and she creates her own style that can be reconciled among a thousand. Self-taught, Hyleen begins to play the guitar in college in a band of her big brother bassist / singer. Very soon she writes her first songs and takes passion for composition. She then decides to enter the faculty of musicology in Nice to deepen her knowledge. The following year, she moves to the Sorbonne of Paris where she joins the Big Band of jazz as a guitarist.

Following this, she enters Paris Conservatory in a class of contemporary music and spends two years there as a singer and guitarist but also composer. Alongside her studies, Hyleen begins her personal project in different clubs to play and test her compositions.

She releases two EPs before making her debut album “U & I” in 2014, featuring incredible artists such as Frank McComb, Omar and even Chris Dave (Adele, Erikah Badu, Robert Glasper …) on drums. As a result of this, Hyleen begins to travel around the world with her album and performs mainly in New York, Paris and Japan. She returns with a new album “B-Side”. After a period of research and writing but mostly touring: India, Polynesia, surrounded by talented Nicolas Viccaro on drums and Julien Boursin on keyboards and Moog-Bass. Hyleen recorded this new album Live to keep all the dynamics of this trio in studio as it is on stage.


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