François Burgun

François Burgun, born in eastern France, studied at the Beaux Arts in Metz and the National School of Photography in Arles. His photographic research consists of an ironic interpretation of the normative—a
reconsideration of what we consider part of the everyday. His works have been widely recognised, including at the FIAC and the Jeu de Paume Gallery. He has also been featured in French and American magazines.

Playgrounds / 2003–2017
Instinctively, people associate playgrounds with fun, comfort and security, but it also becomes a metaphor for a larger experience – the acceptance of social behaviours and norms as well as prosaic customs of society. Conceived by designers as functional and aesthetic works, playgrounds, (and even expensive fairgrounds catering to adults) feel over designed, or over sanitised. “Where is the sense of play in these minimalist shapes or codified colors?” questions the artist.