Space-Time and Place : The Culture of Indian Maps

Space-Time and Place explores perceptions of space – human interactions, behaviour and discovery – across the Indian subcontinent from 15th- to early-20th centuries. It juxtaposes traditional Indian notions of space-time and cosmology with the almost contemporaneous emergence of western mapping.
The thematic structure of the exhibition traverses ‘Early Conceptions’ of cosmology and the western discovery of the Indian sub-continent; an insight to Movement – traditional pilgrimage narratives alongside scientific representation of transport modes; representations of Conflict; Place geographies – both local and regional; and finally the construction of India as a unified entity which survives to this day.
This is probably the first time that such a comparative discourse of Indian and Western, and, Cosmological and Cartographic traditions have been thematically blended towards a deeper understanding of a uniquely Indian space-time duality.
The exhibition, curated by Dr. Vivek Nanda and Dr. Alex Johnson, features maps from the Prashant K Lahoti collection – a treasure trove of old folk paintings to modern and contemporary art, that now are part of Kalakriti Archives. The exhibited collectibles are also available on Google Cultural Institute.

CREATED WITH : Kalakriti India




Krishnakriti Festival

TIME 17:30 - 19:30


Qutub Shahi Tombs, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500008

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