St+art Mumbai 2017 will reflect on and inspect the nature and the DNA of the city of Mumbai by working in two of its most significant locations: Dharavi and Sassoon Docks. These locations are still relevant for the economy and the history of the city and both represent the two souls of the city.

The aim of the project is to connect these areas of modern Mumbai which seem so distant from one another, yet share the same origin, and bring to light an integral part of the history and culture of Mumbai. Along with these two areas St+art Mumbai will work in other iconic spots in the city such as Churchgate Station and the stretch of the Western Railway from Churchgate to Mahim Station.

Mindful of the great impact of the temporary installation at the Jindal Mansion in Pedder Road made in 2014,St+art India will also work towards the creation of another unforgettable temporary installation in this venue.


The St+art Mahim (E) project aims to create a public art district by populating the 60 feet road and the
Shahu Nagar colony – which forms the western edge of Dharavi. National and international artists will
work on large size murals and urban design interventions, regenerating several of its common spaces andtransforming it into a vibrant art district. The plan is to create also tactical cost effective and creative urbandesign interventions along with the communities to generate a permanent improvement of the selected spaces. Dharavi is a land of immense resources in terms of human skill-sets and materials which are daily recycled and produced in this slum, showcasing this richness and activating the local resources in and for their own spaces is one of the aim of the project. Furthermore, a various range of activities such as curated tours, screenings and jams will be organised with a direct involvement of the residents/locals.


Constructed on reclaimed land in south Mumbai’s Colaba area, Sassoon docks have been feeding many mouths in the city both directly and indirectly. Ironically enough, the connection between the Sassoon docks and the city of Mumbai is symbiotic, yet never crosses paths.The Sassoon Dock building will be transformed into a series of solo shows by national and international artists, wherein the common context of these art pieces will be the history and local narratives of Bombay, along with the relationship with architecture and heritage. Local materials and influences which are specific to the context will be used in the process. Other murals and installation will be created along the whole area of the dock. The aim is to create a temporary cultural hub open to everyone and to work with marginalised communities such as the local fisherman community, who have worked in the Sassoon docks since its inception. The exhibition aims to generate a discourse about the nature of this area and its possible regeneration through a site- specific approach using art as a tool to create an open cultural platform.


Unraveling the night ecosystem and its potential to enhance the city life.
Mumbai, one of the most populous agglomeration in the world, is well-known for its congested circulation during daytime. At night, the city offers a whole different face, welcoming leisure nightlife or heavy infrastructural maintenance. The metabolism of the city never stops and the potential of the night ecosystem to is huge. Status of spaces and functions of places are very different from day time: this reality and its possibilities are yet to be explored. For Mumbai 2017 street art festival, St+art invites the french office AWP to initiate such process in Mumbai. Collaborating with various local stakeholder, the team will lead a series of night exploration, focusing on Dharavi and South Mumbai. The result will be presented in Sassoon exhibition through an interactive and evolutive installation. The team will also give some lectures on their work and their views on this highly strategic topic in the city. This initiative is an opportunity to ignite interest for this strategic topic for a city such as Mumbai, and to share the french expertise on it


The worldwide renowned Inside Out project will be continued in Mumbai. Inside Out is an ongoing, participative, open project started by the artist himself. In the 2017 Mumbai festival, this project will be activated by St+art India Foundation, in deep collaboration with the artist. The idea is to take over several buildings along the western railway line, from Churchgate Station to Mahim Station. We aim to activate an open campaign in the trains themselves, wherein the commuters will be invited to hashtag their own photos and stories about their experience of commuting in Mumbai. The best photos and stories will be selected, and portraits of those selected commuters will be printed in JR’s characteristic Inside Out style and displayed in the form of giant flexes on several buildings along the selected stretch of the Western Railways line. At the same time, several portraits of people that are living along the tracks will be picked in order form a diptych between the portrait of the commuter and that of the homeless person living along the tracks.


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ARTISTS :   JR Inside Out Project Lek & Sowat | AWP | Ella & Pitr |

CREATED WITH : St+Art India Foundation



Sassoon Docks



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