Eight French street-artists will give a very French flavour to this edition of the renowned Street Art Festival. Along with Indian artists, they will co-create innovative and interactive art. Working with minority communities, they will use art to rejuvenate popular districts, giving shape and colour to a new and sustainable environment.

In Hyderabad, the project will come as a continuation of the first inception of St+art in the city, which was the regeneration of the outer boundaries of the neighbourhood of Matkha, a vibrant, low-income housing area which faces the beautiful lake. The aim is this time to get inside the area and create a vibrant art district, taking over walls and other surfaces. Delphine Delas from France is invited to realise a large piece in this art district, as well as Indian artists Swathi and Vijay, Hoozinc, Inkbrushnme, and Sayam Bharat. A collateral event in the form of an open screening, ‘Art in the streets and social matters’ will also take place in the grounds facing Hussain Sagar lake. The panel will include all over above mentioned artists and will present their work which is mostly connected to social issues at large, and investigate the different approaches and impacts of street art interventions.



Delphine Delas’ drawings will also be exhibited at Alliance Française Gallery and Botanika Gallery.

MUMBAI            |           HYDERABAD           |          KOLKATA          |          CHANDIGARH         |


ARTISTS : Delphine Delas  |  Daku  |  Hoozinc |  Inkbrushnme  |  Swathi & Vijay  |  Varun Vedavyas |  Sayam Bharat  |  Cheriyal Art   |

CREATED WITH : St+Art India Foundation



Necklace Road AF Gallery Kalakriti Gallery



Plot No.4, Aurora Colony, Road No.3, Banjara Hills, Near Q-Mart, Sagar Society, Sri Nagar Colony, Aurora Colony, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, Hyderabad - 500034

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