Bonjour India Closing Ceremony | CELESTIAL CARILLON Transe Express

Since 1987, French performance company Transe Express enters the maze of the cities, playing with their articulations and surprising passersby. In an effort to bring art outdoors and turn city into stage, Bonjour India brings Transe Express to India with Celestial Carillon, an aerial performance inspired by Calder that combines theatre, music and fine arts.

This performance crosses childhood memories of a carillon – a music-box with an automatic set of bells – with grand outdoor fairground rides. A bewitching orchestra of 8 bell-ringers and 3 aerialists is lifted 55 meters skywards in this magical concert and theatre where audiences face artists, and the machinery of the carillon is confronted with architecture.

FREE ENTRY | Gates open 5 PM onwards


Photo Courtesy : Srinivasa Prasath




Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (Entry from Gate 1)

TIME 18:30 - 20:30


Janpath (Near India Gate), Delhi, -

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