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WEEK OF PHILOSOPHY : Night of Theatre

What better than a whole week dedicated to French-Indian critical thinking? The Week of Philosophy will take you into a journey from Delhi to Calcutta, passing by Chandernagore and a small Santali village of West-Bengale, Borotalpada.

Starting with a two days conference at the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi around the theme “The Present of the Day”, the Week of Philosophy will also flourish at the International French School in Delhi, before travelling to West-Bengal, in partnership with the Kolkata Literary Meet (KALAM Festival), Trimukhi Platform and the “Know your Indian-French Heritage” project.

This program will gather scholars across various disciplines, and take them into a philosophical meditation, to explore their views on “the present” in addition to exploring their attitude towards “the past”, “the heritage” and towards “memory”. The metaphysics of the present, shall give way to the conceptions of the present in physics only to be weighed across technology’s approach and attitude towards present. The implicit and explicit notions of the present in social science shall also be explored in detail (particularly in the realms of anthropology, history, and political science). The presuppositions of the nature of present in today’s political praxis shall not be overlooked.

On the nights of 24 th , 25 th and 26 th , the Week of Philosophy will evolve into “Nights of Ideas”, an international event organized all around the world by Institut français. Since the year 2017 shall commemorate the 50 th anniversary of May-68, the Week of Philosophy would take this occasion to articulate the provocative yet refreshing statement: “Power to the imagination”.
The Week of Philosophy aims to create a bridge between French and Indian philosophers and thinkers, so as to create a new international network that would promote some strong alternatives to common thinking. In other words, it aims at creating a new circulation of ideas among the thinkers of this generation.

Programme Schedule


TIME5:00 pm to 5:00 am
Journey starts from Kolkata at 1 pm

Booking required at Alliance française du Bengale


Online at http://trimukhiplatform.org/registrationform/



ARTIST : Barbara Cassin   |   Divya Dwivedi    |   Patrice Maniglier   |    Shaj Mohan

CREATED WITH : IIT Delhi, Trimukhi Platform, Lycée français international de Delhi, CSH, Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet, Alliance française du Bengale


Night of Ideas

TIME 17:00 - 5:00


Trimukhi Cultural Centre, Borotalpada Santhal village, Borotalpada, West Bengal -

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