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Sandscape Music Festival - BONJOURINDIA

Sandscape Music Festival

SANDSCAPE, is an Indo-European Collective that reflects a time and space of experimentation and celebration across the desert through new forms of music, dance & creative visuals. A concept that talks of multimedia ‘Jugalbandi’ between Folk & Electronic Artists, Alternative Urban Music Acts, Regional Folk Acts supported by 3D Visual Mapping, Body Performances & Interactive Arts.

SANDSCAPE wishes to offer an immersive and respectful approach to cultural exploration and tourism, with a desire to bridge between local, national and international cultures; proximity between the guests and the artists; and proximity, with the Thar Desert itself.

This year, SANDSCAPE offers a series of Events with a focus on Educational Workshops, Architectural Mapping, and preparation of multi-disciplinary Live Shows (Audio + Visual + Dance).

With 6 events at 5 different locations across Jaisalmer city and Khuri village, this Art Residency features 20 Artists, and takes the nomadic path, painting a micro-festival of art and culture.



Queen Harish and students – Jaisalmer – Dance

Gafoor Khan and Band – Khuri – Folk, Fusion Music

Kutle Khan and Party – Khuri – Folk, Fusion Music

Samvida Nanda – Delhi, Lyon – Filmmaker, VJ, Digital Art

Viktor Furiani – Lyon, Delhi – VJ, Mapping, Digital Art

Lucid Raaga– Mumbai – DJ, Sound Production, Audio Engineering

Param Virdee – Delhi – Architect, Visual Artist

Diana Lovrin – New York, Croatia – Dance, Vocals, Percussion

Mash – Delhi – DJ, Sound Production

Prachi Sachdev Mendiratta– Delhi – Writer, Travel Blogger

Nikaet Ahuja– Dehradun – Visual Artist, Painter

Vedansh Pandey – Chattisgarh – Writer




All Events from 8 PM to 11 PM.

Entrance to Events is based on rules of the venues. Conditions Apply.


26th Jan : WORKSHOP at SECRET HOUSE on Projection Mapping, Video Tattoo and Origami Paper Art.

27th Jan : WORKSHOP at LAL GARH FORT & PALACE, on Dance with VJing and Interactive Video Feedback.

30th Jan : FUSION PARTY at KB LODGE, with Music by Mash and Lucid Raaga (Fusion DJ Sets). Supported by Digital Art Projects: Video Tattoo; VJing and Projection Mapping on PATWA HAVELI.

2nd and 3rd Feb : ELECTRO_FOLK PARTIES at MAMA’S RESORT & CAMP with a focus on Music (Folk, DJ sets, and Fusion), Visuals (VJing, Mapping on Morio Stage Design, and Interactive Video Feedback), Dance and Writing.

6th Feb :  A SURPRISE EVENT at a SECRET LOCATION (TBA), celebrating the end of the SANDSCAPE Art Residency # 5.


for more updates on the Events


Note to Travelers: For those who wish to explore more the local cultures, the popular Jaisalmer Desert Festival, organized annually by the Department of Tourism in Rajasthan, is happening from the 29th to 31st Jan 2018.

“Art is never completed. only abandoned”

oscar wilde in A Picture of Dorian Gray


The Mama’s Resort & Camp

TIME 20:00 - 23:00


Dist Jaisalmer, Khuri, , Jaisalmer, Rajasthan - 345034

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