Eric Languet

Eric Languet admits that he has never been able to integrate a group, even though he
accepts its codes and conventions. It’s probably this feeling of illegitimacy that nurtures
his career as a dancer and choreographer for the last 30 years, questioning the margin,
the ab-normality, inviting to the ball those who were always told that they could
not dance.
He did however integrate several groups, and not the least. After having discovered
dance in Reunion Island, where he grew up, he studied at CNR de Rueil-Malmaison and
took up a career as a ballet dancer. A career that led him to the Paris Opera Ballet, and
then to the Royal New-Zealand Ballet, where he was named principal dancer and
resident choreographer. Even if he respects the hierarchy of merit, on the other hand he
doesn’t appreciate the idea of conforming himself to the label that his status as a
principal dancer imposes.
His aesthetic choice and choreographic issue will be strongly influenced by the work of
Jiri Kylian, William Forsythe and Douglas Wright. As a dancer for the Meryl Tankard
Australian Dance Theatre, he experiments real-time composition with Mark Tompkins
and an approach to physical theatre with Zéro Théâtre.
He opened the way for the Compagnie Danses en l’R, that he founded in 1998 in
Reunion Island : the one of a human dance in society, staging the individual and
his difficulties, through their most simple aspect, the mouvement. His conception of
beauty and his working methods will continue to evolve thanks to two essential
encounters : with Lloyd Newson, under whose direction he works in the DV8 Physical
Theatre for the creation of «The Cost of Living » in 2000, and with David Toole,
incredible dancer, born without legs, with whom he tours in Europe for the rerun of this