Ballet Preljocaj « Contemporary ballet created in collaboration with the Bolshoi Theatre and Subodh Gupta »
The long and rich diversity of Franco-Indian friendship will be celebrated with Luminocity. Placed in an exceptional setting, this amazing spectacle will mix Electronic Music, Visual Arts and Fashion.
The Floating Buffet, developed by visual artists Emmanuelle Becquemin and Stephanie Sagot, reactivates a buffet-related imagination as a space of discovery and sensory experience by suspending choice titbits from a dense ensemble of balloons that float above the guests.
Imany composed her first songs and soon made a name for herself, by performing the first parts of Angie Stone and Ben l'Oncle Soul’s concerts among others. Her performances at the famous Parisian jazz club The Sunset, delights soul lovers.
Flying Angels (Place des anges), directed by Stéphane Girard and the late Pierrot Bidon, showcase angel-like acrobats suspended from tyroliens who take over the aerial space and play with their weightlessness while showering white filakes on the spectators. This high quality show is a moment of magic, keeping you breathless from beginning to end...